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Hector Lost 11kg in 12 weeks


I’ve been working with Nathan for 12 weeks and lost 11kg. My waistline has gone down 3 inches and I now fit into size 32. Seeing my own personal progressions make me hungry for more. I achieved all this by my 40th birthday as planned! It has literally changed my life!

John Lost 50lb of Excess Fat and Mentally Feels AMAZING!


I’ve been working with Nathan for a year and a half and with his support I’ve lost 50lb and I feel way better physically and mentally.

I learned a lot about good form. I highly recommend Nathan to anyone out there looking to transform.

Jon Got Shredded in 12 Weeks with nathans met conditioning plan


I’ve been training with Nathan for 4 years and he comes highly recommended.

Whatever you’re tying to do, lose weight or build muscle, he knows what to do and can help you out. I no my way around the gym and am highly confident I’ll keep gaining muscle.

Carlos was new to fitness, now confident in the gym after gaining 5kg of muscle mass


I’ve been training for a few months with Nathan. He has pushed me forward and encouraged me to go to the gym.I look forward to the future and continuing my progress.

Edwin gained 5kg of Lean Muscle in 12 Weeks


I been training with Nathan. I strongly recommend him. He pushes me to the limit and he’s a very nice guy.

If you’re looking for the change you seek, Nathan is the man!

Mo Lost 8kg in 12 Weeks after Stepping Into A Gym For The First Time


I’ve been training with Nathan for a couple years. He gave me an amazing nutrition plan and workouts. It’s been an amazing journey. I’ve lost 8kg and I feel mentally and physically stronger.

If you do exactly what Nathan says you will make the change you seek.

Nick Found his Discipline and Got Amazing Results.


I’ve been training with Nathan for 12 weeks. He has helped get fit and get into shape. He focuses on the diet and makes sure I stay consistent.

I highly suggest working with Nathan.


Sure! As Nathan is an Online Personal Trainer everything is done through the Warrior DNA Fit App, Private Facebook Community and through the members’ section of the warrior DNA fit website. All that’s required is an Internet connection to access the program.

The Primary Goal of the Warrior DNA Fit Plan is always to either lose body fat or gain muscle. Everything else such as speed, agility, power, endurance and strength should be considered added bonuses. Not to say you won’t gain strength because you will or lose body fat and gain speed, because you definitely will. Just keep in mind that if you want a sports-specific plan, you must arrange a Coaching Call beforehand to see if working with Nathan will be the best fit for you.

Nathan responds to all emails within 24 hours, aiming to get to every email asap depending on how many requests or the timezone which may bring the response time closer to 24 hours. Please be assured that all emails get a response within this time frame.

All meal plans are updated with 15 new recipe’s each and every month if you are on the Warrior DNA Fit Transformation Plans. You’ll see a My Fitness Pal Barcode displayed on each recipe to scan so that any Recipe you choose to include on your Weekly Planner will be tracked within the My Fitness Pal App. Please ensure you connect My Fitness Pal to Warrior DNA Fit so Nathan and the team can monitor your progress.
You’ll also receive a Recipe Key within the Recipe Guide to easily identify if the meals are gluten-free, dairy-free, low carb, meal prep & freezer friendly, high protein, vegetarian, quick (under 30 mins) or contains nuts. Please note that if your meals require further customisation or you have special requests, email support via the contact form on the website and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

In order to follow a personalized workout plan from Warrior DNA Fit, a gym membership is not the be-all and end-all. It is however highly efficient if you are planning to gain some muscle. Due to Covid, Nathan has adapted all the gym-based workouts and has limited weight sessions to dumbbells only. However, if you have limited or no gym equipment there are alternative workout options provided within your program that require no equipment. If you have specific equipment you wish to utilize in the program, contact support and we will get back to you within 24 hours. If you still have access to a gym arrange a Coaching Call and we can Personalize a Training Plan for you.

Questions? We’re here for you. Email our world-class Support Team at We’re rooting for your success!

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